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5 Handy tips for avoiding Over packing

Posted on Apr 23, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

Always carry stuff Compressed and Compact

While travelling one can certainly make a conscious effort and carry all the things that you’ve wanted to carry. All you need to do is simply squeeze your stuff. For this the you could pick up a few compression sacks, these are quite handy and it’s very easy for packing clothes, especially the underclothes and socks which can be kept in a smaller space.

Stay Travel-sized

It is not a bad idea to leave your beauty products and toiletries at home, while you’re travelling, especially the ones you can do away with. In case you need a carry a few essential lotions, then carry travel sized containers, as these will not consume much space and can also be later recycled. If you have made hotel reservation then you could also check with the hotel to find out if they provide toiletries. You may want to check what all the hotel is charging you for and what is being provided complimentary.

Here are the five smart packing tips

Pack Flexible Clothing

Frequent travelers very often recommend that you pack stuff in layers. You could simply choose from your wardrobe what clothes are a must and those which can be avoided. All these must be packed keeping in mind the weather conditions and the culture of the place you’re planning to visit. You should ideally carry a blend of both formal as well as casual clothes. Always carry clothes for adventurous as well as formal occasions. We all will agree to the fact that shoes occupy a lot of space.

Focus On Essentials

When you are packing stuff for travelling one must always keep in mind what items will be of use and what will not be required and those which can be avoided. One carry the essential items and this way you would be travelling lighter and travelling would be fun!

Do you know about the essentials required while travelling

Carry only one Bag

It would be whole lot convenient for you to carry only a single bag and probably a laptop bag or s small day bag if required. Carrying less stuff is far more comfortable and hassle free rather than carrying multiple bags and later paying in for additional baggage. One can quickly pass through all the security channels and avoid standing in long queues with a lot of baggage. 

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