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5 Reason why you should choose to stay in a Homestay in India

Posted on Feb 11, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | Comments

Indians believe in the concept of "Athithi Devo Bhava", which refers to "the guest is God". Indian hospitality is simply unbeatable and there’s no comparison of the same. While one can also stay in hotels and guest houses, a new concept of home stays is now picking up in India. This is very much like the bed and breakfast. Guests are generally accommodated within the family or stay in separate quarters. There are many benefits of staying in a homestay.


You get Individual service: There are only a few rooms in a homestay and therefore you get personalized service, quite unlike a hotel. One can also spend time with the family that you’re staying in. You will also to get know more about the Indian culture and the Indian way of life.

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Unique and peculiar Accommodations –If you really want to explore the Indian way of Living and be a part of charm and diversity of the Indian heritage, then this is the best way of exploring One can stay in old bungalows, or ancient havelis and cottages in rural India.

Information about the Local people and place: When you stay in a homestay you get know about the local people, the place and that helps you to know more about the country. Indians are very helpful and like to show their culture and traditions.

You get to eat yummy Indian Home Cooked Food – If you really want to treat your culinary senses then there is no food better than home- made Indian food. The food is less oily, clean and less spicy. You could cook on certain occasions with the family that you are staying with and understand the concept of Indian food and the delicacies.

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Unique Activities –Indians generally are considered to be very warm and hospitable. They will make all possible efforts to make you feel comfortable and at home. You could indulge in some very different and unique activities which you may have never experienced like visiting a coffee plantation, visiting a tea garden. You could be a part of the grand Indian wedding and festivals

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