Best Places To Visit In Chitrakoot

India has always been known as a land of rich cultural heritage and no city showcases this better than Chitrakoot. Chitrakoot has a lot of monuments and forts that take one back in time to explore the grandeur and the rich history with which India is associated. The city in spite of seeing so much development in the last few years has managed to retain the old charm by means of these historical monuments.

There are lots of best places in Chitrakoot which can be visited and explored when one is travelling to Chitrakoot. There is a war memorial which is dedicated to the soldiers who gave up their lives during the First World War. This is a best place visited by adults and young ones both purely for patriotic reasons.

There are many such monuments in Chitrakoot which display the magnificent architecture which existed a few centuries back. There were numerous monuments constructed in Chitrakoot during the Mughal and the British era and this particular structure was the one that saw the end of the Mughal era, the rise of the British rule in India and also the freedom of the country which is why this is such a popular tourist attraction. These monuments are located all over Chitrakoot and most of these have beautiful engravings all over as well as verses from the Quran inscribed at various sites. It is a must see best place for families on a vacation to Chitrakoot.

Chitrakoot is one of the most popular and best places for a family trip and one must surely plan a trip to this wonderful city along with their near and dear ones.

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