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Does Budget Matter While Travelling

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

Generally people who are making plans of travelling like to follow a budget for everything, right from the room tariff, the cab fares,  for food, drinks everything follows a budget. People don’t like to overspend and depending on their travel plans they plan their entire trip in a luxurious or in a budgeted way.

While this may be good, this can also turn out to be negative as due to budget constraints you might just land up not seeing a few good places, or be a part of certain exclusions and might just miss being a part of an exhilarating experience, because it may just require for you to tweak your budget to a little extent, but at the end you will realize it was all worth it!

While none of us would like to cut short our travel plans and return home earlier, only because of budget issues, it is therefore very essential that you go as per travel budget and yet at the same time not regret later about missing an opportunity for going the extra mile, which would have been easier at that time, rather than again going in for it.

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Looking at the quality of travel:

When you’re looking for travel, it’s about the overall experience which also matters, especially if you’re planning to visit and experience the natural environment like if you’re planning to see the gorillas in the wild in Uganda, it would cost at least $300 each just to get the permit to sit with them for one hour.

While is a huge amount, but eventually if you are able to go in for it, then it’s worth it! This is a priceless memory.

Create memories when travelling

Some events only take place once in a lifetime. If you’re planning a trip to a special place which you’ve always longed to visit, then don’t ruin that trip by going on a tight budget. There may be some places about which you are unaware of an only get to know once you land in that place.

Plan out your lifetime trip, by working overtime. Save a few extra bucks for that once in a lifetime experience. Go out and enjoy your vacation rather than lying on the couch just because of your budget constraints. After all these memories would be priceless later

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