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Enjoy your winter break in India with some handy tips

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

If you are planning to visit India, then the best time is in winters. Winters are an ideal time as the weather is quite pleasant and one can visit a lot of places.Places in Northern India such as Kullu,Manali,Srinagar,Dehradun,Mussoorie are worth visiting as a lot many numbers of offers are also available during this season. However one needs to be extremely careful while planning your break. A few tips have to be kept in mind while visiting India. 

manali1.You need to reconfirm your flight: Make sure before you leave your cozy home, you check the exact time of departure, and find out if there is any cancellation. This is a very common sight in winters as due to fog, many flights both domestic as well as International get affected.

2.Pack appropriate items: You need to ensure that you carry a mosquito repellent cream or a mosquito net. This is for health safety purpose.

3.Make sure you have extra time: Just in case your train or flight gets delayed and if you have a connecting flight, do ensure that you have sufficient time between the two.

4.Appropriate use of technology: Always remember to carry a fully charged cell phone. Modern technology like GPS and GPRS is always helpful in locating new places.

mussoorie5.Warm clothes: North India is quite cold and it snows in a few places, therefore you must carry sufficient warm clothes and full shoes also to keep yourself warm. Also remember to carry a few extra clothes too, as clothes don’t easily dry up in winters.

6.Sunscreen lotion and sunglasses are a must: Although winters are very pleasant and it’s not very hot, but is it still advisable to apply sunscreen and wearing sun glasses.

India is a beautiful country with a rich and a varied culture!

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