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Explore travel in your Own Backyard

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

If you’re looking to explore more travel, then there’s no place better than starting with your own backyard. This is considered to be one of the most unnoticed and by far the cheapest ways of having more travel in your life. While we understand there maybe situations when money and time may be a problem. The term “backyard” refers to the places located in the vicinity of your neighborhood, within a radius of 1-2 hour from your home. There may be many places which you may not be aware of and might be interesting too.

This backyard trip may not be a very lengthy one and could only for a weekend for a quick getaway, which would refresh you completely. People generally when planning a vacation think of faraway places and very often spend a lot of time in travelling which is also quite hectic too. What we don’t seem to notice most of the times is that we have many interesting places located very closely to our homes, or neighboring towns. This is a mindset and if you’re good in changing your perspective, then just get up and hit the road to your backyard, with your near and dear ones.

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Advantages of travelling to your backyard

There are several advantages of “staying in your local area and experiencing your own backyard :

  1. Lighter on your pocket: The trip wouldn’t cost you more as there is hardly any cost for fuel, travel costs do not exist, and reasonable accommodation.
  2. No Planning, no stress- All you have to do is simply pack up a few hours ago and simply head towards your weekend getaway. No need of planning beforehand.  
  3. Very Little Packing – at the most you would require a day pack or a small strolley bag.

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  1. Relax you’re not going to be away for a very long time: if you have work commitments, you can chill and have fun too and then get back to work, as and when you like.
  2. A Feeling of appreciation –when you’re heading towards your backyard, you will learn to appreciate the amenities by visiting these places
  3. No exhaustion – you’re not travelling to a very far off place and not required to pack and later UN pack, no passport and visa issues, just relax and have fun.

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I love to travel a lot as I consider myself a mad backpacker , I have explore many new destinations and places One of the most important obligations for this kind of work is a hanker to journey and experience new environments and cultures. Physical stamina, an observant brain and gifts for descriptive language are just a couple of the qualities essential for becoming a journey author.
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