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The Festival of Joy: Durga Pooja

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 by ADMIN | India | Kolkata | Comments

Today, I got a chance to describe an awesome and joyful festival in my words. So, Durga Pooja is said to be homecoming of Maa Durga for five days. This great festival is celebrated in Kolkata in autumn month of September or October. Durga Pooja is celebrated with a great fanfare. This symbolises the win of Goddess Durga at "Mahisasur". It is a festival which comes up with a big enthusiasm and happiness.

Durga Pooja is basically worshipped of Goddess Durga for five days in different ways. So one can experience it with these unique ways:-

1.    Durga Idols: - One can see Durga Idols to have a lively experience of it. Artists give life to these Idols at Kumartuli, Kolkata. They give so eye catching look to these Durga statues that you will really fascinate by them.

2.    Pushpanjali: - In morning all Bengali families present Pushpanjali by flowers to their Goddess Durga. This makes a strong spiritual bond between the Goddess and her devotees. So, when this is done it creates scenery of faith. Along with it a Dhunuchi Dance is also a part of its attraction in evening. 

3.    Pandals: - Pandals are also one way to get an unforgettable experience of Durga Pooja. These Pandals shows an artistic quality and creativity of Bengal. These Pandals are very innovative and imaginary too with unique themes.

4.    Food: - As you all know that every festival is incomplete without some special food. So like this Durga Pooja is also seems incomplete without Bengali food. You can take an awesome taste of Bengali food in every restaurant, street and in Pandals in the form of Bhog. At this day restaurant have an exclusive menu package which is delicious and finger licking taste.

5.    Immersion of Durga Idol in river: - At the last day of this festival at “Dashami” married women apply Sindoor at each other and at Maa Durga’s Idol. It is said that this activity is done to give a farewell to Maa Durga. And after this the Idol of Maa Durga immersed in the water of river with dance which creates a cheerful atmosphere. The Idols are immersed with a great faith that Maa Durga will surely come back next year.

So after this great journey of Durga Pooja, I want to ask to you all that have you had any experience like this or not? If yes then I would love to hear your experiences from you.

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