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Handy Tips for Planning a Cruise Holiday

Posted on Apr 17, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

Cruising is one of the best possible ways to enjoy activities when on a trip. It does not matter if it is your first trip or if you have been travelling a long time as these tips are sure to help you out:

Always go Prepared

Even though your cruise ship might depart from the United States you would require a passport if you intend to leave your ship at any point of time. A lot of ships dock at international destinations so make sure that you carry along your passport.

Check out the Layout

Before you book a cruise make sure that you check the deck plans online to ensure that you don’t get a room lying below an area where a lot of people hang out. Make sure that you avoid taking a room near the buffet area or below the dancing area.

Carry-On baggage

It usually takes a few hours from the time you reach to when you board the ship and get your luggage so make sure that your necessities such as swimwear, medicines etc. are packed in a carry bag so you don’t miss them.

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Always travel Light

Do you have any plans to go on a lengthy cruise? If so, then you must know that a lot of ships provide free laundry service or at very nominal charges to their customers so you can always travel light.

You must categorize

Carry along plastic bags for each day of travel so that you can carry in them mosquito repellants, sunscreen, maps or even a dictionary if you need.

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Do Arrive Early

You would do well to arrive at the city of your cruise a day before you start your trip. Even though this may leave you running things on a very tight schedule it would at least ensure that you do not miss your cruise due to any unfortunate incident. You can always spend the day you arrive exploring the port city your cruise will leave from the following day.

Communicate with each other

If you are planning to travel with a group of friends or family then you can contemplate carrying along walkie-talkies so that you can always communicate with each other and save money on cell-phone roaming.

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