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Handy tips for sleeping peacefully on a plane

Posted on Apr 11, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

1. Wearing loose clothes:

It has been observed that if you’re wearing loose clothes while travelling you tend to consume less space and would be quite comfortable too. Doctors advise people to wear comfortable and loose clothes which do not restrict blood circulation.

2. Book the window seat:

People generally doze off while travelling on long distance journeys and only wake up to find themselves sleeping on somebody else’s shoulder with your mouth wide open, which is quite awkward too. It’s recommended that you book a window seat to avoid getting into such a situation.

3. Carry your headphones

Always carry your headphones, especially while travelling for long distance travel. This way you will    be able to sleep peacefully rather than hearing loud conversation amongst your neighbors. If you’re not comfortable with headphones then even ear plugs can be carried.

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4. Avoid a fancy meal

It is a medically proven fact that if you’re sleeping with a full stomach then you may not be able to get a peaceful sleep. Always avoid over eating while travelling, especially if you have to travel in a semi- sitting posture.

5. Always keep a carryon bag handy.

While travelling ensure that you’ve kept everything in the cabin and there’s not much to be kept with you. This way the stuff will be safe and you wouldn’t have to bother much about our stuff, and you can comfortably stretch your legs and sleep peacefully

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6. Avoid a few seats:

There a few seats which if you can avoid please do so. Seats near the gallery, bathrooms, and in the wings are those seats which are always busy and would be quite disturbing too.

7. Bring a blanket

Generally airlines offer blankets however there are still a few which do not offer these. Your own blankets will give a homelike feel and enable you to sleep peacefully.

8. Bring a sleep mask

A sleep mask is a very useful and handy accessory while you are travelling.  The Sleep mask covers your eyes from the light, and one can sleep peacefully.

9. Opt in for medicines, in case you’re unable to sleep:

If you’ve tried all the above points and still are unable to sleep, then you should go in for a tranquilizer drugs like Dramamine, are the medicines for insomnia however these should only be taken after consulting your Dr, as these too can have side effects.

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