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The hopes of the Markha valley

Posted on May 14, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | Ladakh | Comments

India as we all are aware of is going through one of the toughest and the largest ever elections in the present times. Almost 800 million voters will be casting their vote and deciding on the future of India. The fight between Narendra Modi from BJP and Rahul Gandhi , prince of the Gandhi family, from the congress party seems to be endless and one can hear numerous debates about which party will win and who will eventually rule the country and be the face of India!

All the Indian states and cities were completely brimming with the elections related activities. Contestants are trying to figure out newer ways of luring people and thus convincing them to cast their vote and choosing the best candidate for their constituencies.

However, things were quite different in the Markha valley, located in the Leh district, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was not only difficult to be accessed but also had very few people, just a few dozen in this remote valley. Markha valley was a Buddhist region mainly and was situated on the high Tibetan Plateau, which is spread on an area of 17,375-square miles of rocky alpine desert.

Gulzar Ahmad Dar, a policeman had been assigned the election duty in this remote area, along with 4 of his colleagues. All the members of this team had come away from various parts of the country to ensure fair and free voting. The region had only 114 voters on their list. The lives of the people here was very nature oriented and very desolate and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. One could see just a few houses made out of bricks. One could easily spot snow leopards in the area. Water was brought from the natural springs.

As per the officials an amount of $1665 had been spent on every voter in the area, and most of this was spent on fuel and spreading awareness in the remote areas. What was interesting to know was that an invitation card had been sent to every house for casting their vote on the 7th of May, and many of those areas could only be accessed by helicopter. This would have been by far the highest expenditure, spent on per voter in the country, however this was required. For the people of Markha valley, the main concern people have is which party will help them build a road. Elections come and go but the road there has never been made. The very thought of somebody falling ill, causes serious concern in this area which is not connected properly with the rest of the country.

People in different parts of the country celebrate different festivals; however the current election has turned out to be the only festival about the whole country is concerned.

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