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India for first time visitors

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

India is land of rich a varied culture which is full of traditions and culture. One can feel the warmth, the craziness, the overwhelmingness and the love in the eyes of the people when you visit this beautiful country. The best time to visit India is in winters. Winters in India offer the perfect time to enjoy and explore this diverse country. There are few tips which need to be kept in mind while planning your winter break to the land of traditions and culture.

1.Do avoid going into a crowd:

Especially foreigners who are not used to seeing and being in a crowd, it might be difficult for them. There are many quiet places which one can visit while in India. There are many mountainous places in the North which are influenced by the Tibetan culture like Leh, the backwaters of Kerala or one could also visit many well-known hill stations.


2.Select your route:

You need to first plan what places would you like to visit. Accordingly your itinerary would have to be made. There are plenty of options available for you to choose from. Depending on your interests you could choose the places.

3.Don’t be in a rush:

Although there are many places to be visited in India, but you cannot squeeze in too many places in your itinerary. One can plan a trip to a couple of places to make it much more rewarding and thrilling.

4. Being Healthy is important: One should avoid drinking tap water and consume food also which is washed in clean water. Avoid salads, ice, no salad, meat, and fruits which you haven't peeled yourself. You could be a vegetarian food which is quite delicious. You will not find very clean and good toilets. Always carry soap as it is quite hygienic.

5. Stay calm:

India is well known for scams. You may not even realize and somebody might be cheating on you.  You might get carried away and lose your temper. It is recommended that you maintain your calm and be composed

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