Museums In Thane

The city Thane is visited by lakhs of people every year. While quite a lot of people visit the city for exploring the place and going to other places and come to Thane as a halt quite a big number of people also visit Thane to know more the roots of the country India. For all those interested to know about rich heritage and history of India, a visit to the Museums is a must. Upon visiting these various Museums you will see and be able to explore the Museums in which many artifacts have been well preserved by the government of India. Most of Museums in Thane contain the things from the pre Independence and also during the time when India was struggling to attain freedom from the Britishers. Most of these Museums throw light on how India attained Independence.

Items like Mahatma Gandhi’s personal belongings like his clothes like his dhoti and kurta, his walking stick, chappals those are his slippers, sculptures, photographs and even paintings from the Satyagraha movement. Many other Museums in Thane are also present which display various items on science, like those on Biology, physics and science exhibitions, Dinosaurs along with a full pack on multimedia. You must take your kids to visit these Museums as this will enable them to understand end experience science!! Apart from topics like science and history there are Museums specially designed for Railways. Many of the Museums in Thane showcase how the first rail engine looked like and when was it introduced. Apart from this you will also be able to see the various types of engines, the machinery and known how of a train. For girls there is a Doll museum which your little girl will surely enjoy visiting. It is interesting to know that all the dolls available in the world are displayed in most of the Museums in Thane.

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