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Must carry things when travelling to India

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

India is a country with a very rich and a varied culture, however conservative at the same time. Therefore there are certain things which you must carry while visiting India. Let us see what all should you carry when travelling to India:


It is always advisable to carry luggage as per your travel itinerary. If you wish to majorly visit the cities, then a suitcase would be most appropriate however if you wish to go in for adventure and want to try trek and walking then a bag pack would be most convenient

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It is always recommended to dress as per the place, at least in India and more so especially when you are visiting the villages and the local cities. Clothes here are quite cheap. In metros one can dress up in jeans and a T-Shirt. One important thing to be remembered is to keep your legs and shoulders covered, for both men and women. Avoid wearing shorts. Ladies are advised to drape a shawl or scarf which covers their breasts.


Almost all medicines for common ailments are readily available in India. It is always advisable to know the name of the company for getting the appropriate drug. You must always carry sufficient supply of medicines which you usually use. Always discuss your symptoms like fever, stomachache, with the chemist before purchasing any drug.

Personal Care Items

Personal items like razors, Shampoo, condoms, conditioner, moisturizers, deodorant, and sanitary napkins are all easily available. Always carry a mosquito repellent with you. Ione must always carry items like your favorite hair products as the range of gels and hair sprays is quite limited and the company might be new for you too!


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One can find ATM in almost every city these days, which has made life quite simpler. Credit cards are widely accepted in major cities. Most of the public places accept the entrance fee in US dollars. It is always advisable to convert your currency into Indian rupees before you venture out of the airport.


Always carry a pair of comfortable shoes like sneakers, sandals, while travelling to any new place. Shoes are quite reasonable in India and can be bought in any city. One can buy shoes in any color, design that you like. Markets abound with them in all different colors and designs.

Other Useful Items

Always carry wet wipes, torches, a pad lock, chain, and toilet paper as these are quite handy while travelling. Do remember that if you plan to use any electronic devices from USA then you need a voltage converter and plug adaptor too. 

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