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Planning a wildlife trip in India

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

In case you are fond of wildlife and wondering which all, then we could certainly help you. You could choose from a variety of things like whether you want to go in for an elephant safari, or a luxurious wildlife safari experience, India has plenty of options to be offered.

One can chose to go for an elephant ride in South India, can be experienced in the Bandipur National park and in North India one can enjoy the elephant rides which are conducted in Jim Corbett national Park, Kaziranga National park and Ranthambore National Park too.

For bird watching one can visit the Periyar and Kumarakom in South and the Keoladeo National Park in North India. These places are an ideal wildlife destinations spots in India.

A few tips have to be kept in mind while you plan your wildlife trip in India.

You should know the timings: The timings of all the national parks and wildlife sanctuary vary as per the season. Please ensure that you are familiar about the timings for the safari or any other special activity which you have planned.

Inquire about the exact location: Most of the national parks and wild life sanctuaries are well connected by air, road and rail in India. It is recommended that you find out the exact way to reach these parks. Do keep in mind the season, any special events or festivals before you plan your trip.

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Find out about the booking of the safari and entry fees: There is an entry fee, which is charged by all the national parks. Apart from this there is a fee for carrying your camera, taking a guide. You must inquire about these from the official site.

Inquire about the best time to visit: There is always a season for you to visit the wildlife parks. People prefer to visit these parks during the winter season, as these are quite favorable due to the weather.

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