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By Road

Pratagarh Roads is well connected with all major cities nearby.

By Air

The closest aerodrome is at Allahabad which is about 60 kms away. From the aerodrome, you can take a public transport coach or charter a cab to come to Pratapgarh.

By Train

Pratapgarh has its own trains position which is exactly connected to towns like Delh, Mumbai, Kolkata and Lucknow. teaches such as Farakka articulate, Udyogi Nagi Exp Jaisalmer- Hawarah articulate Hardwar articulate overtake through the Pratapgarh.

By Bus

Pratagarh is connected to foremost towns and cities of Uttar Pradesh such as Varanasi and Ahmedabad by bus. You can also take a coach from New Delhi.

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