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Summer travel tips for family

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

There are a few things which if kept in mind can lead to saving a lot of money while travelling with our family.

Think about the minutest details, while packing: It is always advisable to think right from your head to toe for all the people travelling in your family while you are packing. A checklist often comes in very handy in such situations.

Saving money: If possible carry snacks and some coolers, while travelling. Avoid shopping at a grocery store. Try going in for combo deals for hotels and flights.

Always carry one Change of Clothes in Carry On: It has been observed that almost twenty-nine million pieces of luggage have been lost or delayed every year while travelling. In order to avoid such adhoc costs, you can carry a change in for all the family members, in the carryon baggage.

Here are tips for first time travelers

Keeping kids occupied: Carry comics, coloring books, and games to keep kids mentally busy. Once kids are busy you can also enjoy the journey and simply relax.

Are your kids flying alone:  If your kids are travelling alone, make sure you’ve planned out itinerary to the minutest of the detail? Book their travel well in advance and do ensure that you have labeled each and every belonging of theirs.

Packing your oldest underclothes:   If you wish to purchase souvenirs then it is recommended that you carry your oldest set of inners, while travelling. You could simply use these and throw these the next day rather them carrying them back home.  This way you will have more space while heading back home!

Do you know what are the travel essentials required while travelling?

Carry your Travel Insurance Plan: It is good to be a little conscious and careful rather than regret later. Always carry your travel insurance docket while travelling. God forbids, if you or anyone in your family gets hurt then the travel insurance plan will come in handy. Most of the insurance companies offer 24/7 help and can even help you in coordinating things, for your trip.  Just in case your trip is cancelled, or is interrupted then all your expenses pre-paid, non-refundable expenses are taken care of!

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