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Tips to enjoy travelling

Posted on Mar 20, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

Travelling is quite exciting and yet very exhausting too. There are many places worth seeing all over the world and there are a few tips which we would like to share to make your travel a little fun.

1. Always be prepared for the unexpected

A travel itinerary will always be of much help, however you will not be able to cover the slightest of the details at all times. It is practically not possible for you to know each and every detail that you’re planning to visit.

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2. There’s no point in fretting and spoiling your trip:

It’s perfectly fine even if you miss a bus which you intended taking, that’s alright you could take a ferry or even travel by train. Life will not stop if you tweak your plans a little bit.

3. The best things always come from the worst of the experiences

This is a proven fact that some of the best things in life always come with the worst of the experiences, which has been proved true time and again.

4. Always remember Price and values are two separate things

The pricing of your trip will always be dependent on the cost of the trip; however the value it would bring will certainly have an impact on your life forever as these would be simply priceless

5. Create your own path

While it is always good to listen to somebody experienced yet it is advisable to not all follow tips and tricks blindly. You may find your plans more interesting and exciting.

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6. Live Life king size:

Traveling with a companion can be fun however not at all times. It is not a bad idea to travel alone at times. The experience that one gets when the rays of the sun fall on your face or simply arriving in a foreign countryside, these are some moments which you would cherish for a lifetime. You would be most comfortable while travelling alone many a times.

7. See how other people live

Its fun seeing other people at times and seeing how different their routine from our’s. Everyone lives life differently.

8. Learn to appreciate what you have

It is always good to appreciate what you have because not everyone might be blessed the way you are. You may look to be the luckiest person for somebody.

9. Explore the smallest of the differences

It’s nice to travel to a foreign land and observe the language people speak, the food people eat. Right from the different flora and fauna in the forest.

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10. Narrate a better story:

You need to be a good narrator as you need to tell your friends about your trip. You story has to be interesting and exciting. 

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