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Tips for first time travellers

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

When you’re travelling for the very first time to a new place, there are something’s you need to aware of, especially the culture, the people, their mindset too. To make your journey pleasant and adventurous there are a few tips which could be of some help to you:

Things will not be the like the way they are home. It always pays to be adaptive to your surroundings and flexible while travelling.

1. Always be careful while travelling, keep your eyes and ears open. At the same please avoid being too judgmental and instead you could use the phrase” “Isn’t that interesting? Tell me more.” Not everyone is bad in this world!

2. Always be receptive towards new things in life. It is a good idea to learn new things.

3.  Always try and learn a few basic words of the local language. Try and use these as much as possible.      Use them often. This is most appropriate way to show respect, break the ice and starting conversations. Try finding about more about the local customs and festivals, this would help in knowing more about a particular place.

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4. It is always a good idea to be well mannered, no matter wherever you are in the world. Avoid shouting and be polite.

5. Try sharing and mingling with other travelers, this is great way for making some new friends and avoid complaining about the people of the country you are visiting and do not talk in English. Use

6. Always bargain, this is a part of the culture of every place, but remember not to over bargain.

7. Always respect local customs, and explore and enjoy celebrating these festivals. Go ahead with the local food, accommodation, and local transport.

8. A smile is great weapon to relax and make new friends too. Remember the way you behave always casts an impression of your culture and your country.

9. Don’t live a fool’s paradise that you’re cool just because you’ve visited 58 countries on a budget of $25 a day. There may be many options still unexplored. Keep your passport and other important documents carefully. Get travel insurance for yourself.

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10. Always travel in a style which is comfortable to you and in a style which suits your taste and interests

17. Try to start travelling when you are young. Avoid listening to dream stealers who tell you that you cannot live your dreams. Each day is new; face it the way it comes up!

18. Enjoy eating street food. You must try eating the various local dishes. Always carry palm cards with important phrases written in local language, especially for countries like China.

19. In case you feel uneasy, relax its normal. Respectfully say NO. If you need help polite fully ask for help, even if it’s for sign language and charades.

20. Once in a while it’s good to splurge and not think too much about the budget, simply let go! Try doing something new each day even if those scare you and push those comfort barriers a little further out each time. Even if you get robbed or bad things happen, don’t spoil your trip and carry on, as long as you are safe continue enjoying yourself.

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