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Tips to make a travel Video

Posted on Mar 18, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

Are you keen to become a travel blogger? Even if it’s out of passion for travel, there a few tips which would come in handy for becoming a successful travel blogger along with making it fun too!

1. Plan everything

You need to choose an interesting vacation spot to be able to lure and attract people. The place has to be interesting other people would not be willing to invest in a travel. It is always a good idea to plan everything right from your location, to your script, clothes. This would enable a faster and a smoother implementation.

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2. Be careful about background noise

In case you’re planning to make a video on travel be very careful that the video does not capture the noise of a lawnmowers, trucks passing by or overhead planes.  You need to be prepared to retake many times as there maybe situation beyond your control.

3. Try capturing both long and short shots

Your story has to be communicated and scripted in different angles. Capture Close ups and shots of faraway shots of you doing the various travel related activities which look apt and suit the location as well as the activity.  You could capture shots of the bush, take a walk on the beach, stare at the open wonder at the lighthouse and views, and even take a walk along the seashore.

4. Narrate a story in the background

It may be an interesting thought to narrate a story about travel in the background, and finally link it to you travel ideas. One can capture laughter, or even talk.

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5. Capturing light

The most difficult thing about photography or making a video is light.  You just have to get that right. Light has to be uniformly spread, nether too dark, nor too bright. You could walk around, looking out for the directions of the Sun, and even test a couple of time how the sun looked in front of the camera.

6. Keep it short and simple:

Time is very precious and costs money. You need to make sure that your videos are short and sweet. Communicate your message in a simple and a sweet manner.

7. You don’t always to present:

While this is quite difficult, but not impossible too. If you make it look like a story, it script would look more communicative as well as natural.

8. Be receptive towards feedback

It might be embarrassing top get a feedback and then implementing the same. But in the end it will be all worth it. Always remember critics are your best friend and will always give you honest opinion about you and your work.

9. Try smiling at all times and showcase your personality positively: Always preplan your next activity. Try playing whatever that you’re doing and you will eventually love what you’re doing.  Joke, relax, laugh, and smile frequently. 

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I love to travel a lot as I consider myself a mad backpacker , I have explore many new destinations and places One of the most important obligations for this kind of work is a hanker to journey and experience new environments and cultures. Physical stamina, an observant brain and gifts for descriptive language are just a couple of the qualities essential for becoming a journey author.
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