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Tips to save money for your dream trip

Posted on Apr 09, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

Avoid shopping

Women are quite fond of shopping and find it quite difficult to control their emotions and their love for retail therapy. However if you really want to spend a few moments walking down the heritage streets of the European countries or simply would like to relax on the maiden sun kissed beaches then you would need to control the habit of over indulging while shopping.

Cancel your gym membership

That gym membership of yours might be a little too on your pocket if you’re planning to go for a trip. A good gym’s membership would vary between $25 to $100 a month, and cancelling this would enable to save a few extra bucks! You could simply go for a walk or exercise in the house to stay fit!

Tips to save money while travelling

3. Visit a library

If you are fond of reading then it’s a good thought to take up a membership of a library and borrow books rather than buying the books and later stacking these, after all purchasing books is also a costly affair.

Avoid visiting café joints for Coffee

Drinking coffee from a café could be costly too, especially when you’re trying to save every penny for your dream trip. A cup of coffee would not be less than $4.79 an if you’re drinking it on a daily basis then for a month its going to cost you atleast $100.

Carry your own lunch

Carry your lunch rather than buying it from the café in your office. Meals are generally expensive and not filling too. Homemade food would be essentially more healthy and you could decide what you would like to eat.

Do you know how budget matter while travelling

Avoid visiting a salon for a manicure

Visiting a salon for a manicure may be slightly heavy on your pocket especially when you’re planning a trip and saving every penny.


Watch a few good old movies

If you have a good collection of old movies then you should spend some time and watch these rather than renting a movie or watching the TV shows or the movies available on Netflix, as these would also cost you money.

Here are the tips for first time travelers

Go in for a part-time job

A part time job will enable you to earn as well as utilize your spare time in a productive manner.

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