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Tips for Staying Fit in the Monsoon in India

Posted on Mar 05, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | Comments

It is very imperative for us to stay healthy and fit all year round and especially during the monsoon season. In India one needs to be extra careful as the chances of falling sick significantly increase during the monsoons, as one can see rain water clogged up during this season which eventually leads to the breeding of mosquitoes and thus the chances for transmitted infections goes higher, and infections like dengue fever and malaria along with Viral are quite common.

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Tips for Staying Fit in the Monsoon in India

  • If you want to try the street food, then monsoon is not the appropriate season for doing the same. It is very common for water as well as raw vegetables to get polluted during the monsoon season.
  • Always ensure that you apply a strong insect repellent, this would keep away the mosquitoes from you and you not get bitten by them, thus avoiding malaria and dengue fever.  One can also consult a Doctor and take anti-malarial drugs in monsoon.


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  • All always avoid walking through dirty water, as dirty water can lead to many serious infections like leptospirosis, and these can even lead to several fungal infections of the feet and nails.
  • Do not walk where you see water collected as traffic will drive over that and it will all over you in a little while.
  • Always dry your feet thoroughly when they whenever they get wet.
  • Keep your body warm and as far as possible, by staying dry and avoid getting a cold or cough.
  • Avoid entering an air conditioned room when your hair is wet and clothes are damp.
  • Stay away from damp walls if you have a problem of asthma or diabetes. This eventually promotes the growth of fungus and can be quite harmful.
  • Do ensure that you drink plenty of warm herbal teas, as these come with a lot of antibacterial properties.

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