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Tips for travelling lighter and smoother

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

A few tips will certainly make you feel light and comfortable while traveling. Let us see what these are:

Is your sleeping bag required? This really depends what time of the year will you be travelling in and for how long? A silk sleeping bag liner would be a whole lot convenient and easier to be carried.

Travel Tips

Carry a string for drying clothes: It is always handy to carry a string for drying you washed clothes overnight, this will help you reduce the amount of clothes you’re carrying.


Learn the local language: It is always beneficial to know a few words of the place you’re visiting. Keep a chit handy with a few words. Words like good bye, thank you, please will always come in handy.

Carry light weight shoes: Do not carry heavy shoes and many pairs. Simply wear one pair and keep the other lighter one in your bag pack.

Always carry a bag pack and have a small bag for keeping your dirty linen: It is recommended that you don’t carry many bags, however it is a good idea to keep a small bag within your bag pack for keeping away the dirty clothes and later washing those to.

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Always travel light: You don’t always have to carry a change for each day of your travel. Always travel lighter, so that you can enjoy without having to worry about your heavy luggage. Do remember to carry your stock of shampoo, lotions and sunscreen. You don’t always have to stuff something in each and every pocket of your bag pack.

Always carry track suits: they are much easier to be worn and carried. Even shorts would be handy and can be used for various activities which include swimming, walking swimming, running and even every day wear

Buy a Kindle: it’s not always possible to carry books while travelling; a kindly always comes in handy.  I

Carry headphones: these are a life saver. They block the external noise and definitely help you while travelling.

If you like to play cards make sure you keep them handy. These always come in handy and you wont land up getting bored while travelling!  

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