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Posted on Apr 15, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

Anyone heading for a vacation would never want to get injured on one but then there are always things that are out of one’s hands. In case such a situation ever arises you should remember the following things to do:

Inform your travel insurance provider.

Most insurance providers have a 24/7 customer care to handle any queries and they can help you get the required medical treatment. They can even help make provisions in some cases for an early flight home from your trip if required.

Get medical attention.

A lot of hotels abroad have doctors on call and they can send one to your room immediately following a call to the front desk. In case more help is needed you can always look for physicians in nearby areas that are capable of conversing in English. In some cases you would also need a doctor to certify that you need urgent medical attention for you to be able to get the expenses reimbursed.

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Save everything.

If you want to get your expenses reimbursed then make sure you preserve all the documents and receipts showing that you have received medical care. One of the most important documents is the report that contains all the information about your condition and your doctor should be able to provide this if you require.

Know the culture.

In case you are abroad then you must know that the medical treatment in some places is influenced by the culture as well.  In countries like Italy the hospitals expect the patient to get their own toilet papers so it is not usually provided in the hospital rooms.

Here are the tips for disabled

Pre-existing conditions.

In case you are already suffering from a pre-existing health problem then you must check whether your existing policy covers your travel or not and if not then you should look for something that does. In some cases you may need to make a deposit for exclusion waiver for your travel.

It's not the end of your vacation.

In case some misfortune does occur you should not feel dejected as if it would mean the end of your trip. You could always relax, get better and then resume your vacation. If you suffer trauma but can move around then do enjoy your vacation while participating in less strenuous activities only. Your health is very important so make sure that you give it due priority.

Pack travel insurance.

Always look for travel insurance plans that run round the clock. 24/7 assistance can help cover a lot of things such as medical attention, booking flights, locating lost baggage and many other forms of assistance. 

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