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People who travel with difficulties are known as "disabled travel" or "accessible travel”. Recently there is a lot of awareness about providing special amenities for the disabled people. Various countries have introduced special rules and regulations like the Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees that disabled travelers receive equal treatment under the law. Disabled people should be given more support in terms of facilities as that will ensure that they travel more comfortably.

There are few tips which should be kept in mind while helping fellow passengers who are disable.ed Let us keep these in mind:

Disabled Travel Tips

Specify as soon as possible: Travel arrangements are done well in advance, and it is always good to advise your travel provider that you would require special assistance.  Prior to your travel you must ensure that you have called the provider at least 24 to 48 hours before your arrival to ensure that proper reservations have been made.

Be clear when describing a disability: All travel agents do not understand the lingo for disabled people. It is always good to give all possible details of your physical state to avoid any last minute emergencies.

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You must be clearly with your doctor and carry all appropriate information: You must at all times advising your doctor about your travel plans. He might be able to suggest medicines for travelling in an unusually long flight. Always carry extra medication while travelling and don’t forget to carry your doctor’s prescription and his contact number too.  Always carry important related to you mostly in a wallet, would be easier to help you.

Find out about a physician in the place you will be visiting. You must at all times carry the phone number of your doctor, your health insurance, and local embassy.

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Always consider a reliable and a well-known travel agent: There are many travel agents which specialize in providing the best of the disabled services and provide special services to disabled people

Avoid connecting flights. In case you do face a problem maneuvering into airplane lavatories, then you should avoid long flights as these might be quite uncomfortable. You must ensure that you arrive at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. Also check with

Always carry spare parts and tool for your wheelchair.

Last but not the least you must aware about your rights!

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