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Travel Tips for an interesting and a Cheaper Travelling Experience

Posted on Mar 14, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

There are a few travelling tips which always come in handy. These do include a couple of strategies which are all meant to make your life easier, simpler and much more enjoyable too! Not only will these help and enable you to have an interesting and an adventurous experience.

1. Visit fewer places for a longer time

Rather than going from one place to the other it makes sense to spend some quality time for a longer duration in a few places only. You would not be required to pack and unpack and rush between airports, bus terminals. You would also not be spending a lot of money on travel alone

Read more if you are travelling alone

2. Converse with the Locals

It is always good to interact with the local crowd that way you would get to know the place and the people much better, and you might be lucky to get a little discount too. It would be easier for you to figure your way in the town.

3. Don’t restrict yourself as per your Budget

It is essential for you to realize that memories and budget don’t go hand in hand always. While it is good to be careful about not going overboard, yet at the same time don’t ruin the fun by not attending a concert, a safari or an event only because of budget constraints.

Here are the essentials which are required while travelling

4. Try getting up Early in the Morning

Early morning is the best time of day. One can see lesser people, and you would get more peaceful time for exploring the place for photography too.

5. Leave Room for Flexibility in Your Schedule

Don’t pre book your room? While travelling you might be able to find some more interesting places, tours and activities.

6. Become Facebook and Twitter Fans and sign up for newsletters:

Try visiting the social media sites like “Face book and “Twitter” like the neighboring places too.  You might get to know a little more about these towns. It would be a good idea to enroll you in receiving information through newsletters. You may just land up getting a few promotional discounts coupons!

7. Utilize the Free Days

Try visiting museums when discounts are being offered.  Most of the museums offer free nights or discounts for entry. Check out the information on the internet.

8. Always Travel light and with an open mind

Do not carry much of baggage. Everything is available in every place these days. Carry shoes and matching outfits. Not all places have the same culture. People and culture vary from place to place; welcome them with an open mind!

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I love to travel a lot as I consider myself a mad backpacker , I have explore many new destinations and places One of the most important obligations for this kind of work is a hanker to journey and experience new environments and cultures. Physical stamina, an observant brain and gifts for descriptive language are just a couple of the qualities essential for becoming a journey author.
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