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Are You A Traveler in India? Here are 27 Souvenirs That You Must Add to Your Collection

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Do you love to collect souvenirs? I do and I make it a point that wherever I travel, I pick something memorable – a specialty of the place – as a reminder of the wonderful journey. India and it’s states have such a rich tradition and culture that whenever you go, you will find a unique yet beautiful art that you can add to your collection of memorabilia.


Uttarakhand is the wool state, like seriously. You can pick up the best of warm clothes at reasonable prices and give competition to any top fashion brand. Another thing that Uttrakhand boasts of is the copper and the different traditional jug like vessels called ghaggar.

Jammu and Kashmir

From intricate paper mache powder puffs to simple yet defining prayer flags, Jammu & Kashmir speaks volumes of a rich heritage. If you love embroidered clothes and have panache for pashmina, J&K has the best to offer.


Apart from all the delicious sea food, easy going life and the beautiful beaches, one thing that you will truly enjoy from Goa is the Port Wine and the recently launched King’s Beer.

Himachal Pradesh

Being the fruit capital of the country sure has it’s perks but that is something you can’t really keep them forever. But, there is one thing that you can surely parade around in – the famous Kulu wollen socks and scarves and hats.


Lush green fields, people with the heart of gold and of course the aromas of butter chicken, daal makhni and roti. If you are in Amritsar you will hear the mesmerizing chants from the Golden Temple too. Punjab boasts of good food and clothes. You can pick up Harbans icecream, a nice phulkari dupatta to go with you suit. If you are a guy and love to wear business suits, pick up cloth at throw away prices.


Don’t get fooled by the rather intimidating language used by the locals. If you have a sweet tooth, do look for the seasonal Gajar ka halwa to tingle your taste buds.


Rangilo mahro des suits this state the most. The colourful state has a myriad of souvenirs that you can collect. If you are in Pokhran, you can buy earthern ware while Barmer and Jaisalmer boast of their leather. If you travel to Jodhpur or Jaipur you can definitely add ceramic bangles and beautiful saris. You can also pick jootis and silver jewelry for yourself.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is also known as the marble state of the country. If you visit Agra, you can pick up beautiful marble artifacts. Lucknow has beautiful chikankari work i.e. intricate embroidery on suits, saris and kurtis.  Lucknow is the city of Nawabs so do try the delicious and lip smacking kebabs.


Bihar is famous not only for its steel  factory but also for the beautiful Madhubani paintings. Artisans make the paintings with natural colours and take months to complete one painting. They are a must have for sure.

Madhya Pradesh

If you want a durri or a carpet for your home then Madhya Pradesh is the place to get it from. Hand woven carpets are made with pure wool and cotton which makes them light and easy to maintain. If you love jewelry, Madhya Pradesh also has jewelry that is made by the tribals.


Odisha or Orissa is famous for its balasore saris and pattachitra paintings. Pattchitra paintings are painted on a scroll of paper and depict scenes from the Hindu Mythology.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is famous for two things – biryani and metal works. Brass and copper artifacts are a must have from Andhra Pradesh.


Prime Minister Modi’s state is not only famous for the gujrati delicacies but also for the needle and thread work. If you are a connoisseur of fabric and art, Gujrat should be your next vacation destination.


Maharashtra is known for Ganpati celebratons, Bollywood and Kohlapuri chappals. Grab one and look chic and trendy always.

West Bengal

When it comes to food, tradition, heritage and culture West Bengal is the richest. Whether its cotton saris or porcelain dolls, Bengal has lots to offer. Do try the Bengali delicacies and the sweets.


Saris, fish, kathakali dances and banana chips along with the lush greenery make Kerala Gods own country. Lacquer coated toys are also  a very popular souvenir along with coir products.


If you are visiting, do buy a Mehkla saree, a traditional hand woven saree that is available in silk and cotton varieties.


The monasteries have a lot of prayer flags and thangkas. You can also select silver stone jewelry for yourself too.


If you are visiting Chattisgarh, do look for the traditional pottery that has been made by the tribal communities.

Arunachal Pradesh


The tribal communities make traditional fabric that is worn during festivals and celebrations. They also make wooden masks.


Mysore paintings are renowned world over. These handmade paintings include precious stones, gold leaf and silver ornaments.


The land of bamboo offers some excellent cane furniture.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is famous for its silk sarees, linen and stone and bronze carvings. 


You can purchase wooden mats called kauna mats from Manipur. They look fabulous and are easy to maintain.

Nagaland and Mizoram

Both states are heavy on weaving. You can pick up beautiful stoles, dress material and rugs.



Tripura is also a state rich in bamboo. You can pick bamboo and cane artifacts such as idols, lamps etc.

So, next time while you trevel don't forget to add the aforementoned things into your collection.

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