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Trip to Shivpuri River Rafting Camp

Posted on Oct 01, 2008 by SHAILESH | India | Dehra Dun | Comments

Last year me and ny wife went to Shivpuri River rafting camp this is a ultimate experience that I have on river rafting… because I thing there is no other way to get the River rafting experience except u jump in to the water with your boat and life Jacket.Shivpuri is just 3 Kilometers from Rishikesh it is the one of the Best river rafting places in India.


Our trip is of three days. Day one we reached the camp and then we hade a lunch and after taking lunch we take a small resting in our tents and after that we have some activities like Sand Volleyball, and in the evening we had a Campfire, it is a wonder full experience to sit in front of fire and Dancing around it and sound of ganga river… this is ultimate experience… and after all this we sleep in our  TENTS this, to Sleep in tent is very difficult  because it is very difficult to make comfortable  yourself in a charpaii but still any how we manage our self’s.

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Now On the Day two we have River Rafting on Ganges White Water… this is the thrill that I can write but u can experience it through my Photographs.And their they also have arranged for some Clip Fall I jumped from 20 Miter Height in to the water.

Our Rafting is around 11 KM it takes 6 hour to complete it start from our Camp and end at Lakshman Jhula (Rishikesh).And During the Rafting strech we have around 5-6 Rafts where water at it full speed

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This Experience I want to have every year…


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