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Why Backpacking Trip is Amazing?

Posted on May 07, 2014 by rohit.mahajan.52 | India | 0 Comments

There’s no better way of knowing about a place other than backpacking here. The experience is quite different than a regular holiday!

Moving on the cheap

In simpler words backpacking is all about getting away from the hustle and bustle of our regular lives and at the same time travelling on a low budget. While the duration of the trip is much longer than your normal plan but this is much more eventful and exciting, and helps you even notice and discover things about others and yourself which you were completely unaware of. The general duration of a backpack varies from three weeks to almost two years.

You may want to discover a new village, visit the local sights, visit a hillside and even find out more about a forest. One tends to absorb more about the local culture of an area, get to know more about the cuisines and the people.

Discover the New You

People want to explore something or other when they go out for backpacking.  While somebody would want to motivate himself, the other person would like to make new friends or for finding out more about a culture, or simply meditate and get away from the maddening crowd. There is some reason or the other behind your plan of backpacking.

Know how to save money while travelling

Backpacking is full of surprises

There are so many advantages when one goes backpacking, the fun is simply endless.  One can indulge in all that you’ve always apart from discovering new things each day, make new friends each day, try eating different cuisines, and along with saving a lot of money, as while you’re backpacking you can travel on a low budget.

How to enjoy while travelling

Exploring Housing options

Backpacking in no way means that you stay in a down trodden place just for the heck of saving a few extra bucks.  One can stay at a clean place or even put a camp in the open. You could also try staying at a few low priced budget hotels as well as guesthouses.For sightseeing backpackers usually spend a little more as they like to explore and venture into newer places.

In India these days a lot many numbers of hotels and hostels too, which have come up especially meant for backpackers. The hostels provide dormitory kind of rooms which are quite low priced, along with breakfast. The hostels even offer recreational activities like events, parties yoga session, and even many games for recreation.

Enjoy backpacking with a relaxed mindset

Generally backpackers have a habit of discovering the place and like to find out more about the place they visit, like their culture and the history of the place. They try and find out new methods of getting to know a place rather than the usual ways. They won’t be seen generally bargaining with guides. They are fond of learning and absorbing things rather than following any specific set of instructions or rules. There is a very strong sense of desire and wanting to know more in them. 

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I love to travel a lot as I consider myself a mad backpacker , I have explore many new destinations and places One of the most important obligations for this kind of work is a hanker to journey and experience new environments and cultures. Physical stamina, an observant brain and gifts for descriptive language are just a couple of the qualities essential for becoming a journey author.
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