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What is your Travel Resolute for 2014?

Posted on Jan 16, 2014 by sushma.yadav | India | Jammu | 0 Comments

A traveler is the person who loves to roam all around the globe and makes some resolutions as we all are making for the New Year. I will not going to take junk food, give up alcohol and go fordaily yoga classes and a long list to be done. Travel resolution can be easily taken on the basis of previous years’ experiences. Here is some travel resolution for 2014, which could be sudden but would not surprise because we all know, but did not applied in life.

Travel Light like Feather

All the time we plan a holiday we keep lots of stuff like Cosmetics, extra shoes, spare denims, gadgets etc., but this time dump them. Try to keep dispensable stuffin the bag. A hassle free travel in 2014 without worrying about missing shirt and shoe.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Travelling different places have their own local cuisine and these food create enthusiasm to search more. Go for street foods, common home recipes, traditional cooking style and lots more to explore.

Dump your so called Gadgets

This time dump your all gadgets like mobile phone, laptop, tablet, video game or any personal gadget. It clearly means that you are not connected with outer world just feel the travel and enjoy every moment without any office calls.

I am sure travel addicted ones in every of us definitely picks some of these resolutions before heading on the holiday. Happy travel 2014!

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